Our website is a working progress and with over 100 vehicles in stock we do not have the resources to upload everything, so please contact us via email or telephone if you wish to enquire about a vehicle. Thanks
We have now changed our email from GeorgeKincaidSales@hotmail.com to GKSales@hotmail.co.uk.
You will NOT be able to contact us through GeorgeKincaidSales@hotmail.com!
we are encountering technical problems with the site when we try to upload vehicles! Please contact us dorrctly if you wish to enquire about a vehicle and we will see if we have it! .
We appologise for the delay in vehicles being uploaded to the website. We have purchased a new database which will help us upload the vehicles quicker and more efficiently. All the vehicles should be on the website by saturday! (We are unsure of this date so it could be subject to change). You will then be able to get a brochure of all the vehicle stock to see what we have!
We have fantastic news! We are getting a new office with new office times! The office is subject to open on the 15th June 2013. The new office will allow clients to come in and sit down while we talk them through the vehicles we have for sale. They will also be able to phone the office and inquire about vehicles and tires.
The office opening times will be
Monday        - 8:00am - 10pm
Tuesday       - 8:00am - 10pm
wednesday - 8:00am - 10pm
Thursday     - 8:00am - 10pm
Friday          - 8:00am - 10pm
Saturday      - 8:00am - 11pm
Sunday        -  8:00am - 8pm